Mini-CassiaTurkey trot

Mini-Cassia Turkey TrotA Fun family activity

The Mini-Cassia Turkey Trot is a Thanksgiving day race in Paul, Idaho. Every year, we host this exciting event to bring joy and happiness to everyone, even your little ones. Whether you are a compatative runner, or a casual runner, there is plenty of fun for everyone! (Don't worry, there are prizes!)

thank you so much!

Thank you to veryone who participated in the 14th annual Mini-Cassia Turkey Trot! We hope everyone had a great time! I know we did.
Traditions are an important part of developing a sense of family, community, history and self. Traditions bring people together in celebration, support and unity. Traditions help reinforce values, create positive memories and set aside time for meaningful interactions with important and beloved people.

The mission and vision of the Mini-Cassia Turkey Trot embody the same principles and feelings as traditions. In year 14 of MCTT, we are proud to see the positive influence this very special tradition has had in our community. We see families and neighbors brought together year after year in the spirit of fun, good health and growth in the Mini-Cassia area.

If you have not yet made the Mini-Cassia Turkey Trot part of your Thanksgiving holiday tradition, sign up now. To those who have been trotting with us for years - welcome back! Whatever the weather, we think this joyful event will enhance your holiday traditions.